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The Banzai Rally is not a race.

This is NOT a race and this is the most important rule of all! We want everyone to have a great time and for all the wonderful people and stunning cars to come home in one piece. Please drive safely. Participants must not compete at any level with each other or other road users. You must drive with care and attention for your own safety and the safety of others at all times and abide with the speeding laws of the UK. You are here to enjoy your car rally adventure, not to lose your licence. There is no advantage whatsoever in reaching a destination first.



You must have a full driving licence. Your car must be UK road worthy and have a valid MOT, V5 certificate, tax and insurance, that covers you and all named drivers, for driving in the UK. We check all documents at the Rally Registration, so make sure you have everything to hand if you want to participate in the Banzai Rally.

Keep the good times rolling

  • Participate in the spirit of the event!

  • Respect your fellow participants.

  • Respect and abide by the requests of The Banzai Rally staff.

  • Remember time is not a factor. It is NOT a race. 

  • Keep your cool!


Game Changers  - Zero tolerance policy

  • Drink-driving/Drug taking 

  • Any behavior or action that may bring the event into disrepute.

  • Any damage to property.

  • Breaking the law

  • Abusive behavior, including intimidation.

  • Harassment of fellow participants.

Terms & Conditions

All participants will need to agree to our full Terms and Conditions, we will send you a copy of this with your Rally Pack. We will be collecting signed documents on the day at the Banzai Rally registration. 

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