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Forget slumming it in tents or cheap hotels - once you've signed up to The Banzai Rally™ you will certainly feel like you have arrived!

After a hard days drive you will be checking into some of the countries most exclusive hotels, so if skinny dipping isn’t your thing, why not try our luxury spas at every hotel. Don’t forget to bring your swimming trunks and bikinis!

For some of our rallies, we have included all your meals, so all you have to worry about is fuel and whatever takes your tipple. Every day you will receive a hearty breakfast, lunch at one of our specially selected spots, and a dinner that is generous on portions.


On the last night of all of our rallies, we will host you at our special awards party with a slap-up cuisine, welcome drink, and prizes aplenty. 



Driving awesome cars is a given, but being able to share that experience with like-minded petrolheads on an amazing four-day tour, taking in the UK’s and Europe's best roads, is what The Banzai Rally is all about. If you want to spend the dusky rally evenings, standing around talking to hairy blokes about your boost levels, fill your driving shoes! Likewise, If you want to join us in the bar and talk about four-wheel steering and camber levels, be our guest! If you want to let your hair down and party the night away, we've got it all covered with exclusive access to some amazing venues set up, especially for The Banzai Rally



If you love driving then you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Our meticulous preparation and attention to detail mean The Banzai Rally™ combines the perfect mix of amazing roads, challenging routes which are fun to drive, and breathtaking scenery as you weave your way through this spectacular four-day adventure. 


The Banzai Rally™ route offers a feast of long straights, bridges, ascents, descents, hairpin bends and crests, so drivers can test their skills at the helm of their beloved Japanese motor. With snug corners and twisting tarmac as you tackle the tangled route - you’ll want to drive it again and again.

We drive every route at least once, we have been known to road test some three times, we want to make sure it is perfect. Secure parking, lunch stops, and quality of roads all go into our planning so you can be assured you will be looked after and every little detail is taken care of. 




Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, JAPFEST is back at Silverstone Circuit for 2022 and there is no better way to experience this non-stop high-octane show than be part of the largest Japanese-make convoy with The Banzai Rally™. Included in Our Rally to The Valley rally price is your show entry ticket to Japfest, parking on our centrally located Banzai Rally™ club stand in the heart of the show, and official Japfest Merchandise. What's not to love! 



Who doesn't love free stuff and good free stuff at that! Our packed goodie bag given to every driver at The Banzai Rally registration is the stuff dreams are made of. No really it is. Our exclusive swag is a pretty nice haul for our Banzai participants to take home as a memento of their epic four-day adventure, especially as a consolation for those who don't snag a prize at our finale awards ceremony! 



No, it’s not a race, but yes, you can win! Prizes are awarded at the end of the rally. BIG PRIZES. The main prize, or first place if you’re competitive, will be judged on a range of factors, including how much you’ve embodied The Banzai Rally spirit! There’s also likely to be a number of other undisclosed factors that The Banzai Rally™ Director will generally make up as the rally unfolds.

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